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RG Gear represents years of breeding work by Rm3, also known as Riddleme.

If you have never heard of Rm3 or never followed his threads on several forums you have missed some interesting ideas with regard to growing. This old hippie dude does everything differently than what most growers do. A quote from one of his books says If you are learning to grow to get away from Black Market weed, why would you use black market methods to grow it?

He started teaching folks how to grow on the web back in 09, started his own forum in 2011 and has helped 100's of growers up their game. But more than that he breeds and he has been on a mission for many years to bring back what he calls Da Grandpa Weed. We've all heard that today's weed is not your Fathers weed, well Rm3 says it's not your Grandpa's weed either. He's talking about the old school strains of the 60's & 70's that some old folks remember fondly. He also has some very different ideas about Amber Trichomes, creates and grows strains that are covered in em and does not couchlock smokers.

I'm a member of his forum, (it's a $4.20 a month subscription based) I've read his threads and books, I've been to his home and smoked his incredible weed. Gotta say I've been smoking for 22 years and it was the first time ever that I tripped on cannabis. Saw tracers and lights that moved to the music and got higher than I had ever been before. Started using his methods in my garden and began growing Da Grandpa Weed. If you ever wondered what all the old timers are raving about, you owe it to yourself to get some RG Gear and find out for yourself. And if your wondering? The RG stands for Riddle Grown.


Jah Recently sat down with Rm3 for an interview

  • JaH- Because you do things differently our customers have a few questions. The biggest one is lineage, why the secrets?

  • Rm3- While I understand folks wantin to know the lineage of strains, I also see a lot of abuse. There are 100's of knock offs that never live up to the expectations of the original. Hell there are folks out there that re-name strains to something popular simply to move em. And lets be honest there are folks that simply lie about things, not to mention the rash of pollen chucked F1's we see so much of these days. Coke and Pepsi don't share their secret recipe, why should I ? The last thing I would want to see is knock offs of my years of work that would not only confuse folks but could also degrade the strains reputation. As we move further towards cannabis being legal, we need to add in some integrity and abandon the black market ways of doing things. RG Gear speaks for itself, I don't know of a single grower that has culled one of my strains from their garden once they have grown it? I also don't know of any other breeder that offers the guarantee we do?

  • JaH- Why no femmed seeds?

  • Rm3- Yet another product of the black market (LoL) with ZERO guarantees of the S1 progeny being like the original mom. The single most ironic concept our industry offers, is to chemically induce a hermie to get female pollen to make femmed seeds, then sell them to customers that expect no hermies. Then there is the notion that heirloom seeds should be kept as Mother Nature intended. But beyond that there is a little known fact that RG males are studs, simply ask any grower that has used one of my males to make a cross and they'll tell you the results were awesome. I get reports from growers all the time and have yet to hear about any duds? There is also the fact that if a customer was to see say a femmed offering of a Colorado Thunderfuck, that they would know it wasn't mine. Here is a picture of a cross a friend made, he hit the clone only cut of Ghost Train Haze with one of my Colorado Thunderfuck males. This pic was taken in week 4 of flower,

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  • JaH- You refer to your gear as Da Grandpa Weed, what does that mean?

  • Rm3- Ask any old timer that smoked the wonderful Sativa offerings we had in the 60's and 70's and they will tell you. There were zero tolerance issues, there was no ceiling to the high, the weed had legs, the high lasted for many hours. Nothing like most all of the current strain offerings there are today. And once again we have the black market to blame, nothing like greed to ruin a good thing. Most hybrid crosses were bred to shorten the finish time, most of todays strains have tolerance issues, and most offer a high that last 2 hours (if your lucky) and pretty much all of this was done out of greed. Customers have to buy more, growers have to rotate strains and yes, there are folks that prefer and benefit from this but there are also a couple of whole generations that don't know the difference. For me, there is no greater joy than seeing the look on an old timers face when the high starts to soar as they remember. Or the reaction of a youngster that never smoked Da Grandpa Weed realizing the difference for the first time.

  • JaH- We've seen the pictures and read the smoke reports, there is no doubt that you're an amazing grower. But how will we get the grandpa weed if we don't use your methods?

  • Rm3- The genetics will speak for themselves. There are many growers, members of my forum, that don't follow ALL of my methods that have praised my gear. However it is also true that just a few tweaks here and there will improve the herb. I have freely shared several of my methods in open forums, just not all of em. I have also had several tell me that the $4.20 they spent to get access to the forum was the best money they had spent towards growing. Perhaps we work out a special offer one of these days like buy a certain number of pacs and get a free membership to the forum? It's one of the very few places on the web where members treat members like family, where there is no bad info to wade thru, no trolls, no bashing, where we have debates instead of arguments. Ya pretty much gotta see it to believe it.


Let us get this straight,,,

  1. No Tolerance Issues ... Same high from the same amount, everytime.
  2. No ceiling ... The more you smoke, the higher you get.
  3. Legs ... Just one or two hits gives a high that last for hours.
  4. Sounds like we all want Da Grandpa Weed

What a few customers have to say,,,

"First, with all respect and honesty and not in the least a criticism... Riddleme's buds are NOT magical, mystical things that are better than anything you have ever come across. They are AS good or damn close to the best weed that people who remember the best weed have ever had though and for a lot of people who haven't had truly good pot it would blow away everything they know about weed. I have smoked a lot of good buds in a lot of good places. It is also grown and cured to the highest standard. I have known a lot of good and average growers and have grown a lot of weed myself and I like a lot of it but out of hundreds of strains sampled, I could easily choose a desert Island top 10 from the last decade and a half. Maybe a dozen, but no more have been outstanding and really impressive. Riddleme did not unseat them all but added to them and may have reshuffled the order. " —Miyagi

"I smoked 1/2 jay of Green Crack on the way down to see Rid. 15 minutes after we smoked the CTF, I was listening to music, chilling on the couch and felt like the first "wake and bake" of the day. Definitely a cutter that will stomp on anything else you already smoked! My Green Crack is like a shiny sports-car. It hauls ass, will get you there, but Rids smoke is like a slow creeping tank that will drive right over the top of that shiny car and crush it with old school steel! " —RockyMountainMan

Current Breeding Project, Not Numbered Yet


Simply Unbelievable,,,


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